Authenticity At Work: Why It Matters For Millennials And How It Can Improve Your Bottom Line


Last month, Facebook employees signed a letter presented to Mark Zuckerberg, denouncing the decision to let politicians post any claims they want on the site’s advertisements. The employees’ powerful decision to stand by their authentic values created waves—demonstrating that real action is achievable through authenticity.

Every day, workplace productivity is made possible by authentic social connections—whether a sale is closing, an internal team dynamic is built, or a killer presentation finalized. Authenticity is the essential factor to achieve long-term success for an organization, both culturally and financially. As humans, we know a fake when we see one and regardless of generational differences, that is not going to change.

Today’s workforce needs to place a higher value on authenticity—both employees and leadership will see increased benefits when positive action impacts work culture and in turn, improves productivity and organizational success. What do people, especially Millennials, need to be conscious of and why?

Show up as your true self

Having the freedom to express yourself will make you a more productive and successful worker. This is generally only achieved in time by allowing people to express opinions in a non-judgmental space, contribute to the greater good of the organization, and be allowed to be different from the status quo without ramification. Of course, this can still happen with some boundaries and keeping professionalism high, but also keep in mind that peoples’ views of concepts such as professionalism do change. Take for example the rejection of smart workwear in Silicon Valley, which differs significantly from traditional law firms in New York.


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