Case Study - Cloud-Based Financial Management and Human Capital Management Software Vendor




The Client

Cloud-based financial management and human capital management software vendor

The Challenge

Our client identified a similarly situated organization that it sought to acquire and integrate. Focusing on efficiency, the client staffed its on-site legal and compliance teams sparingly and sought to minimize reliance on outside law firms. In light of this acquisition, the client’s deal lawyers, those specializing in mergers and acquisitions, were working around the clock. Knowing this was not sustainable, the client reached out to Interim Legal Talent seeking an interim attorney to be the primary point person on the post-integration portion of the acquisition.

The Solution

By meeting with the client and asking questions designed to learn more about the substance or the skills sought and the emotional intelligence of the client’s legal team, Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Interim Legal Talent team was able to tailor its search to the client’s specific needs, scouring our network for qualified, experienced candidates with a mixture of law firm and in-house training who were able to immediately add value. We were able to onboard someone very quickly—less than a month from when the initial call came in. It was a highly competitive situation and our consultant beat out the competitor.

The Results

Our client was impressed by Interim Legal Talent’s responsiveness and vast network of talent. They were able to allocate their legal needs to our team, which allowed their internal people to focus on other initiatives in the company. A significant amount of money was saved through the use of an interim attorney versus outside counsel, and the client benefited from having the person onsite. As the client’s legal team was no longer working to the point of exhaustion, morale on the team improved as well.

This company has since been using our resource on a full-time basis to support its M&A group. They have also asked us to assist them with finding a labor and employment attorney.


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