Case Study - Corporate Investigation and Risk Consulting Firm




The Client

Corporate Investigation and Risk Consulting Firm

The Challenge

Our client needed to build two teams of financial compliance subject-matter experts to help their client respond to a multitude of regulatory demands. The teams would ultimately be tasked with combing through a high volume of consumer transaction data looking for abnormalities, red flags and other relevant financial services information. The challenge: The teams needed to be familiar with the particular software that the client was using or be able to get up to speed quickly.

The Solution

Having worked with MLA Interim Legal Talent before, our client knew we would be able to identify talented compliance experts who could hit the ground running. They also knew they would receive stellar support from the MLA Interim team to ensure a smooth and compliance on-boarding integration and engagement process.

Our client needed the teams in place within two weeks. We were able to lean on our deep network of lawyers to screen and place 22 compliance experts and have them supporting our client’s client within a month’s time. The chosen consultants were technologically savvy and able to not only manage the IT aspects of the project but also review transactions and synthesize information from other sources to render judgement on certain transactions / users of their underlying client’s exchange system.

The Results

Because we were able to move quickly, MLA Interim helped our client display the depth and agility that makes them an outstanding partner to their clients. They were able to explore a new way to make their consulting engagements scalable while also making their client happy.


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