Case Study - Multinational Data and Software Company




The Client

Multinational Data and Software Company

The Challenge

Our client was growing very quickly throughout COVID-19. Their headcount tripled over the course of the year, and they were dealing with a lot of overflow employment matters that the team did not have the bandwidth to manage effectively. Our client needed a contract employment and immigration law counsel who could pick up much of their daily operational work so that the DGC and legal team could focus on the continued growth for the company.

The Candidate Profile

The client wanted a junior to mid-level employment counsel who had some experience with immigration work. Our candidate came with a law firm background for the first few years of their career before moving in house. Throughout their law firm time and during their experience as in-house counsel, the candidate focused on labor and employment work and some business immigration experience. A major perk for the candidate was the fact that they were bilingual, which the client was very excited to be able to use.

Working with Interim Legal Talent

The candidate saw a post on LinkedIn about seeking a part-time employment counsel and emailed the recruiter. The recruiter responded within hours and asked the candidate to speak that day. At that point, the Interim Legal Talent team prepared the candidate’s resume and cover letter to provide to the client and conducted interview preparation to ensure the candidate was ready for an interview.

Candidate Success Story

This candidate formerly worked closely with a paralegal whom Interim Legal Talent had placed at the same company. The former candidate was able to provide insight as to how Interim Legal Talent worked, building an extra level of trust for the candidate. This candidate understood the perks of doing interim work and jumped on the opportunity immediately. The candidate was able to go through one round of interviews and secured the position and then started within one week.


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