Case Study - Multinational Data and Software Company




The Client

Multinational Data and Software Company

The Challenge

Our client was growing very quickly throughout COVID. Their headcount had tripled over the course of the year, and they were dealing with a lot of overflow employment matters that the team did not have the bandwidth to manage effectively. Our client needed a contract employment and immigration law counsel who could pick up much of their daily operational work so that the DGC and legal team could focus on the continued growth for the company.

The Solution

Interim Legal Talent had reached out to the client months early to introduce them to our services. The client explained that they had used interim resources in the past but had been disappointed in the quality of candidates that had been assigned to their projects. Through a consultative and relationship-oriented series of discussions, we presented interim solutions that would ebb with their business model and allow for immediate support when needed. They were also keen to learn about our proactive approach to converting interim resources to full-time members of the team if the fit was successful.

Once we had a detailed understanding of our client’s immediate need, we began outreach to our network and identified a candidate who possessed the desired skills and was available to start within a matter of days. The client found her experience with both immigration law and employment law desirable for this complex role.

The Results

In the few months our candidate has been supporting the client, she has been able to handle all overflow employment law matters, giving the legal more bandwidth to focus on continued expansion of the company’s services and legal team.


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