Privacy Expert Reaching Her Career Goals through Multiple Contract Roles



The Attorney Profile

The experienced attorney had worked both in law firms and in-house in various privacy and compliance-focused roles. She began her legal career as a litigation associate and then went in-house where she focused on HIPAA privacy and was the SME on local and global privacy and data protection regulations, FTC advertising and marketing guidelines. She moved to another full-time in-house role, managing multiple teams executing assessments of client’s privacy and security programs to identify improvements required by GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations, before starting to explore interim work.

The Challenge

The consulting attorney was seeking work-life balance. As the founder of a NYC-based company that curates and produces art exhibits and events across the U.S. and South America, she was looking for a role that would provide flexibility and preferred part-time hours to start. While she ultimately wanted a long-term role that would enable her to use all her domestic and global privacy skills, she also wanted to make sure the position was going to be the right fit for her before making any permanent commitments to a company.

Working with Interim Legal Talent

Our MLA Interim Legal Talent recruiter connected with the consulting attorney through LinkedIn seeing that she was currently working in an interim capacity. The attorney shared that her current and previous roles were more privacy manager focused and she wanted to focus solely on the legal side. She also eventually wanted to find growth opportunities that would be the right fit.

After the introductory call, our recruiter immediately started presenting opportunities to the attorney that would leverage her domestic and global privacy skills.  Within days, she interviewed with an internet global commercial marketplace and started within one month. The recruiter stayed in constant contact throughout the assignment, and once the role was starting to wind down, the recruiter began presenting the attorney for other opportunities. The consulting attorney experience gained in her first contract role through MLA Interim set her up to be an ideal candidate for a new role within a technology fitness company. She seamlessly transitioned off the ending short-term role to the other within a month of receiving an offer. The new role offered her the potential to become a long-term, permanent employee, which she was looking for.

Attorney Success Story

MLA Interim Legal Talent placed the consulting attorney into a privacy counsel role where she stayed for 10 months. Once she knew that the position was winding down, she and her recruiter started looking at other options. She received an offer for her latest role a month after her first interview and started a few weeks later. A year and a half later, she was made a permanent employee of that organization—fulfilling her long-term career goals.


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