Case Study - Theme Park and Marine Zoological Park




The Client

Theme Park and Marine Zoological Park

The Challenge

Our client’s associate general counsel departed the organization and left a void in coverage for all their securities work. With all the challenges in the candidate and hiring market, the client had two failed offers and was now relying heavily on outside counsel and the rest of the legal team to pick up the workload.

The Solution

Thanks to our existing relationship with the associate general counsel, MLA Interim Legal Talent was put in contact with the internal recruitment team to discuss the existing challenges and potential solutions. After fine tuning the logistics around location, budget and other issues, they decided they needed a candidate who could not only immediately step into the role and fill in the existing gap but who they could also consider as a permanent option after a probationary period.

The Interim Legal Talent team screened 14 candidates in a matter of 24 hours, scheduled six interviews for three days prior to submission and was able to have a candidate onboarded and starting in a matter of a week and a half after initial candidate submission.

The Results

Because of our expertise in the legal market, we were able to identify candidates across the country who could do the role. The recruitment and HR team within this organization relied on MLA Interim Legal Talent’s abilities to keep the legal team on track with the hire and provide real time market updates that they would not have known about. The client was able to reduce their reliance on outside counsel and identify a candidate with the required expertise at a significantly lower cost who was able to start immediately.


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