2020 Global In-House Counsel Compensation Survey


The 2020 Global In-House Counsel Compensation Survey, developed in partnership with Western Management Group, reviews the responses from 3,900 respondents in 36 countries to gain an understanding of how in-house legal professionals are being compensated globally.

The survey collected compensation data from

  • Chief Legal Officer/ General Counsel
  • Regional/Country General Counsel
  • Deputy/Assistant General Counsel
  • Senior Counsel
  • Counsel
  • Chief Compliance Officers

Data collected included, base pay, actual and projected bonus pay, company size, company revenue and demographics.

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • U.S. general counsel and chief legal officers earn 45% more than their non-U.S. counterparts.
  • Men’s total annual cash compensation averaged 11.4% higher than women’s; however, men’s average base salary was only $19,000 higher than women
  • Globally, females in regional and country general counsel positions reported higher average pay than men.

For the complete findings, download the report.

In addition to the report itself, MLA has the compiled compensation data from all respondents. Contact us if you are interested in additional information.

Download the Report

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