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Gen-Z: Now Influencing Today's Law Firm Culture

As the legal profession continues to navigate the changing landscape brought about by the global pandemic, Major, Lindsey & Africa sought to explore how Gen-Z views their professional lives and future legal self on a global scale. In Gen-Z: Now Influencing Today’s Law Firm Culture, we asked law students and new law firm lawyers questions around law firm culture, professional development and career expectations.

Key findings showed that:
  • In our survey, 69% of respondents reported that the pandemic has impacted what they value in an employer. This underscores the need for law firms to adapt to changing priorities and expectations among young professionals, particularly in terms of remote work policies, mental health initiatives, and workplace flexibility.
  • The pandemic has also impacted the quality of legal education and work experience for law students, with 39% of respondents stating that the summer associate program was most impacted, and 49% respondents stating that mentorship from professors and other legal professionals was most impacted.
  • We know that Gen-Z is the most diverse generation to date, and they want to see professional environments that mirror their own diverse representations. This generation is motivated by meaningful work that align with their personal ethics and investing in initiatives such as giving back days and pro-bono opportunities may well address some of these problems.

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