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GC Conversation with Thibault Delorme, General Counsel at Air Liquide

In a conversation with Tanja Albers and Naveen Tuli, Thibault Delorme examines his career path and why we shouldn’t hesitate to imitate. A seasoned general counsel, Thibault considers the fine balance between leadership, team management and direct legal work as well as how he’s felt lucky to be in the law during the pandemic.

Over the Spring of 2021, consultants with Major, Lindsay & Africa’s In-House Counsel group set out to create a version of the old fireside chat via video chat with general counsel and legal leaders around the world. 

The result is a series of candid, spontaneous and friendly chats with some of the most fascinating legal leaders in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America. If you enjoyed this episode of GC Conversations, you can view the full series here

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