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Changing Lanes: How GCs Can Be Successful in New Industries


What does it take for a general counsel to change industries and why should companies care? The challenge of a new industry may be where your next career opportunity lies and a legal hire from another industry can add a new perspective your company may never have considered.

In this one-hour webinar, Andrea Bricca sat down with two experienced general counsel - Ekumene "E" Lysonge and Robert H. Walls. Jr. - who successfully made the switch from one industry to another. They discussed:

  • The benefits of exploring a new industry for candidates and why companies should hire them
  • The skills needed to cross industries
  • The steps lawyers can take to be in a position to change industries
  • How to evaluate in-house lawyers outside of their industries

Q&A followed the discussion.


Andrea Bricca

Partner at Major, Lindsey & Africa

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Location: On-Demand
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