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Olivia Seet is a Partner in our Asia-Pacific In-House Counsel Practice. In her role, she partners with multinational corporations and financial services clients to assist them in filling critical and strategic positions within their organizations. She has a strong track record of placing general counsel, first Asia-Pacific counsel, first China counsel and senior compliance counsel for multinational companies.

Olivia has worked in a variety of markets throughout Asia Pacific and understands the concerns, challenges and strategic goals of her clients. She shares her extensive market knowledge with her clients and candidates, giving them a more comprehensive understanding of the corporate legal function in Asia Pacific and a realistic view of the legal talent and opportunities available in the market. Her ultimate goal is to connect people together and to help her clients and candidates find professional success.  

Olivia is originally from Australia, having grown up in Perth. An avid sportsperson, Olivia was selected to the National Hong Kong Netball Team in 2009. She enjoys traveling and is conversant in Cantonese. Olivia is also an avid cook and baker and likes to keep her colleagues and friends well fed.

Based in Singapore, Olivia works across the Asia-Pacific region focusing on Singapore, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Her extensive legal search experience in Asia Pacific that spans more than a decade provides her clients and candidates with a unique perspective of the market. She understands the trends that have emerged over the years, the challenges faced by legal personnel in the region as well as the practical issues of compensation and local business and cultural practices. Olivia engages her clients exclusively, which provides the best result for the client and allows her to engage with candidates at a deeper and more personal level.

Edith Cowan University, Australia: Bachelor of Commerce

Some of Olivia's noteworthy placements include:

  • Toll Group - Lead Counsel, Global Logistics
  • Lone Star - General Counsel, APAC
  • Stryker - Regional Legal Counsel
  • Tyco International – General Counsel, Asia
  • Arrow Electronics - Legal Director, Asia Pacific
  • Volvo - Head of APAC Legal
  • Bain Capital – General Counsel, Asia
  • Dolby – Head of Asia Pacific Legal
  • Delphi Corporation - General Counsel and Regional Compliance Officer, Asia Pacific
  • Edwards Lifesciences - Head of Legal, Greater China
  • EY - General Counsel, Greater China
  • Cigna – Managing Counsel, Asia Pacific
  • ConvaTec – Director of Asia Pacific Compliance
  • Leica Microsystems – Head of Legal, Asia Pacific
  • Bain & Company - Counsel, Asia Pacific
  • Peabody Energy Corporation – Head of Legal, China
  • Cisco Systems – General Counsel, Greater China
  • Galderma – Director, Healthcare Compliance APAC
  • Rockwell Collins – Assistant General Counsel, International
  • Agility Logistics – Regional General Counsel, Asia Pacific
  • Warnaco Group – Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific
  • Cabot Microelectronics Corporation – Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific
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  • Asian Australian Lawyers Association, Committee Member
  • Major Lindsey & Africa Diversity Committee, Member
  • Birthday Boxx (not-for-profit organization), Founder

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