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Law Firm Management Recruiting

Leaders Don’t Grow on Trees. More Often, They’re Needles in a Haystack.

Our years of experience as search consultants and business professionals have given us a deep understanding of both the unique environment of law firms and the specific qualities required for a professional to thrive and succeed in this environment.

At Major, Lindsey & Africa, we excel at recruiting senior management talent adept at navigating rapidly shifting marketplace conditions, demanding new regulations and ever-intensifying competition.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise is in matching talent to firms, whether the need is simply identifying a new, steady hand at the wheel, transitioning to the next generation or building leadership teams from the ground up. Let us help your law firm build a powerful, dynamic leadership team that will get you where you want to go.


You want your firm on the map. We know where to find top marketing leaders who will take you there with an innovative approach.


Technology is rapidly evolving. We know the value of having technology leaders who are at the forefront of the field and can anticipate— and lead— change.


A strong company needs the best leaders steering the ship. We help you locate first-class senior administrators for roles from office manager to chief operations officer.


We locate expert accounting and finance professionals who are well versed in managing accounts and money for law firms of varying sizes and structures.

Human Resources

The most successful firms are defined by their talent. We bring the best HR talent into firms so they can build a better team.

Professional Development

Success means having successful people. We help law firms find the best development professionals who can help their lawyers grow and succeed at their firm.

Looking for legal talent?

From in-house and law firm recruitment to legal advisory services, we provide total talent management
solutions to law firms and legal departments looking to navigate the road to success.

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