Your Journey Begins Here

As you finish law school, take the bar and begin focusing on your job search, let Major, Lindsey & Africa provide you with the necessary tools to start your journey on the right foot.

Law school teaches you the fundamentals of being a lawyer, but Major, Lindsey & Africa wants to help prepare you for your career ahead.

We have come together to provide practical, real-world guidance on beginning and navigating your legal careers. From interview and resume tips to insights into picking a practice area, our toolkit of resources is filled with exclusive content and programming unique to law students—like this video with MLA Partner, Ru Bhatt.

Welcome to the MLA Law Student’s Toolkit

To access the Law Student Toolkit filled with informational videos, articles and other career resources, fill out the form below. Check back often for updated information and make sure to update your personal information and career goals as you enter into practice.

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