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India: An Emerging Economic Powerhouse and the Need for In-House Counsel May 17, 2018 With sustained economic growth above 7 percent and an exploding start-up culture, the Indian economy is booming. And thanks to the ongoing economic liberalization brought about by the Modi government, its never been more accessible for foreign companies. Read More
The Legacy of a General Counsel: Succession Planning – Tips for Getting it Right May 15, 2018 No matter how amazing your general counsel is, at some point in time, he or his will leave (for retirement or something else). Are you prepared? Heather Fine discusses the importance of having a succession plan for your GC. Read her article and get started on your planning. Read More
The Rise of the In-House Legal Counsel Role in China May 1, 2018 In order to stay competitive and address the global needs of customers, both Chinese businesses and foreign companies are rushing to develop sophisticated corporate legal departments. Read More
Elevating Your Digital Brand with LinkedIn April 9, 2018 Deborah Ben-Canaan and Edina Beasley of the MLA In-House Practice Group discuss how to elevate your digital brand using LinkedIn. Read More
Women Leading the Law March 19, 2018 We are please to recognize the accomplishments of all the participants in our Women Leading the Law series. Read More
Sonya Som The Importance of Black Presidents, Black Panther and Black GCs in Black History Month 2018 March 2, 2018 As a legal recruiter, Sonya Som had the privilege of counseling and assisting in the placement of many black general counsel. But theres more: Representation matters. Read More
The Importance of Black Presidents, Black Panther and Black GCs in Black History Month 2018 February 28, 2018 Sonya Olds Som discusses the importance of representation in her latest LinkedIn article. Read More
MLA_Fostering Self Selection The Not-So-Gentle Art of Fostering Self-Selection February 22, 2018 We often forget that hiring is a two-way streetbut we forget this at our own peril. The best most enduring hires work out that way not only because the candidate is right for the company but also because the company is right for that candidate. Read More
Gender Diversity Hiring - How to Make It Work February 6, 2018 All across the United Kingdom, increasing gender diversity is a prominent focus for organisations, particularly at the executive level where the gender imbalance is most pronounced. Read More
how to work with an inhouse recruiter How to Successfully Work with an In-House Legal Recruiter January 29, 2018 Joanna Herman Stacey Alton illustrate how to work with an In-House Legal Recruiter to successfully find your next opportunity. Read More


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