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"Throughout this whole process, Major, Lindsey & Africa has been great to work with both personally and professionally.  My recruiter did a fantastic job giving me whatever guidance he could as to the process and to the organization. I am really, really excited about this new role and think it is going to work out really well."

Placed Candidate General Counsel - Privately-held Chicago company

"I hope you know how appreciative I am of your help with this process. If it wasn't for Major, Lindsey & Africa getting me face time with my new company, I would have never gotten the chance to interview. You changed my life! I will always be grateful."

Placed Candidate Associate Legal Counsel - A global confectionary company

"Throughout the process, Major, Lindsey & Africa was a valued advisor on approach and negotiations as well as cultural fit and experience. We would strongly recommend Major, Lindsey & Africa to our partners and clients and could not be more pleased with the candidate the process yielded (who feels like one of the family after only a few months)."

Michael Christopher CFO and CIO - Asset Risk Management

"My Major, Lindsey & Africa recruiter has tremendous insight on how to attract and retain talent and how to create practices that support a sustainable and efficiently operating legal department. Her guidance has been instrumental to me in building a legal department."

Dawn Haghighi General Counsel - PCV Murcror

"It has been a pleasure to get to know the Major, Lindsey & Africa team quite well over the years. They are the rare recruiters that take time to appreciate the finer aspects of a search from both the company's and candidate's perspectives, resulting in higher rates of enduring success for both parties. In my mind, this makes MLA the go-to firm for challenging search assignments."

Jeffrey Hessekiel Executive Vice President and General Counsel - Exelixis

"The Major, Lindsey & Africa team provided wise counsel, immediate responsiveness and tireless support, from job description to screening to interviewing to placement. They invested heavily in understanding the company, the need and the ideal candidate, which was reflected throughout the process and in the result."

Bill Homan Chief Legal Officer - Prothena

"We retained Major, Lindsey & Africa to do our first ever search for a lawyer in Latin America, and we were very pleased with the results. As an international non-governmental organization and a faith-based organization, we had a number of requirements that are not typical of in-house lawyers and made the search particularly challenging. We are very pleased with the lawyer we hired and are confident we could not have found him without your help."

Stephen Oakley Vice President and General Counsel - Compassion International

"I was very impressed with Major, Lindsey & Africa. They provided helpful guidance during the initial compensation discussions and knew when to step aside and let me and my future employer develop a direct relationship. The whole process was handled efficiently and professionally and my new position is everything I had hoped it would be."

Josh Rosenfeld Vice President, Legal Services - QuisLex, Inc.

"MLA recruiters didn't miss anything. I laid out the complete job specifications at the beginning and they paid full attention to quickly provide candidates that were in line with specifications of the position. MLA beat the timetable I laid out, came in under my budget and provided better candidates than I could have found on my own.  The recruiters made our interests their highest priority."

Joe Gaynor EVP & CFO - Gross International
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