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Money Talks: Using Severance Agreements to Seal the Deal August 30, 2018 Severance agreements are a powerful bargaining tool for both sides, and it’s critical for companies and candidates alike to understand how and when to deploy it. Read More
Being Indispensable: The Way of the Future August 27, 2018 Are you a linchpin in your organization? Does your organization have one? Andrea Bricca explains how linchpins are indispensable and so are the best lawyers. Find out how to be a linchpin and attract one. Read More
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How To Be A Model In-House Client When Working With A Search Firm July 17, 2018

When working with a search firm, you as a client still have an important job to do. Mike Sachs shares how you can pitch in to make a search a success. Read now.

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Diversity Done Well Diversity Done Well July 16, 2018

We are pleased to highlight the diversity efforts of some of our exemplary clients within this special report.

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