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Case Study: North American Clothing Company


The Client

North American Clothing Company

The Challenge

Our client was facing bankruptcy and the in-house counsel left the organization, leaving a void in the day-to-day legal support. They urgently needed an experienced attorney who was well-versed with commercial contracts and negotiation and could navigate the bankruptcy and pending reorganization, working closely with outside counsel and the private equity firm.

The Approach

The private equity firm that owned our retail client knew Major, Lindsey & Africa’s reputation for recruiting top-tier in-house counsel and reached out to one of our offices for help. The in-house recruiter introduced the PE executive to our Interim Legal Talent group. Together, they discussed the legal short-term and long-term goals of the retail organization. Our Interim Legal Talent group business development consultant offered advice on which functions could be handled by outside counsel and developed a profile of the ideal candidate.

The Solution

The Interim Legal Talent group identified an experienced attorney who was well-versed with commercial agreements related to the manufacturing and distribution industry. The consulting attorney was able to be on-site for 40- 50 hours per week, maintaining the company’s patent portfolio and assisting outside counsel with the bankruptcy filing.

The Results

The client ultimately converted the consulting attorney to a full-time employee after two years. During that time, they were able to keep their outside counsel fees low and get to know the work quality and fit of the consulting attorney before committing to a permanent role. The client is now working with the Interim Legal Talent group to provide interim legal services throughout the rebuilding phase of their organization.


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