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Between the Legal Lines — Traevena Byrd

For Traevena Byrd, higher education has always spoken to her. She has held roles in a variety of different of areas—from human resources and legal affairs to in the classroom as an adjunct professor—learning the ins and outs of how higher education functions. In this episode of Between the Legal Lines, Traevena shares with Andrea Bricca the details of her journey to becoming general counsel, why higher education is a unique industry for a lawyer and how mentors and her network of support have helped her succeed.

Traevena Byrd is Vice President, General Counsel and Board Secretary for American University. She serves as a member of the president's cabinet and as chief legal advisor to the university's executive officers and board. In the role of General Counsel, she coordinates all legal services for the university and manages the team of lawyers and administrative professionals who serve in the Office of General Counsel.  As Secretary to the Board of Trustees, she oversees board operations, maintains meeting minutes, and serves as the custodian of board records and the corporate seal. She has previously worked as Vice President and General Counsel at Towson University in Maryland; a Title IX coordinator, EEO investigator, and associate general counsel at Ithaca College in New York; and as an adjunct faculty member teaching civil rights and social justice. Traevena is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she received both her Bachelor of Arts in African American World Studies with honors and her law degree.

*Traevena was placed at American University by Deborah Ben-Canaan and Michael Sachs.

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