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GC Conversation with Kees van Ophem, General Counsel at Fresenius Medical Care

In our first episode of GC Conversations, Kees van Ophem, GC at Fresenius Medical Care, chats with Tanja Albers and Naveen Tuli about his legal career and unique experiences.

Throughout his career, Kees has been privileged to work in a diverse array of industries and economies, surviving the tech gold rush of the early 2000s and subsequent implosions. He discusses his transition from private practice to in-house, the best career advice he’s received and how studying abroad was a formative experience.

 Over the Spring of 2021, consultants with Major, Lindsay & Africa’s In-House Counsel group set out to create a version of the old fireside chat via video chat with general counsel and legal leaders around the world. 

The result is a series of candid, spontaneous and friendly chats with some of the most fascinating legal leaders in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America. If you enjoyed this episode of GC Conversations, you can view the full series here

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