Case Study: AmLaw 100 Law Firm and ERISA Expert


The Boston office of a well-respected AmLaw 100 firm with more than 500 attorneys in eight locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom with an affiliate office in Israel.


TransactionalThe practice leader of the Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice was faced with a dilemma when one of the firm’s Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) subject-matter experts, an incredible rare specialty, planned to take an extended leave. The firm had no other associate or partner who possessed both the expertise and the bandwidth to cover for this attorney, but the firm was hesitant to increase head count as the subject-matter expert planned to return to the firm after the extended leave. However, the practice leader was cognizant that in today’s highly competitive legal landscape, any decrease or perceived decrease in service would lead to client attrition and, ultimately, negative financial implications.


After collaborating with the client to create a profile of the interim attorney who would best serve the group's needs, Major, Lindsey & Africa's Solutions Practice Group worked with our networks to identify, vet and present a seasoned attorney with more than 10 years of experience in employee benefits issues acquired in top law firms in Boston. The candidate was available as she had recently left the Boston office of a well-respected law firm to focus solely on ERISA and maintain a more manageable work/life balance to care for her family.


The candidate worked with the client for over a year on an as-needed basis (ranging from 25 to 40 hours per week) during which time she became a valued member of the team. By working with this candidate, the firm was able to: 1) continue to serve its employee benefits candidates in a seamless, efficient manner; 2) avoid an increase in head count; and 3) preserve a role for the subject-matter expert when she returned from leave.

CATEGORY: Transactional



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