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Diverse Placements

Major, Lindsey & Africa focuses on identifying opportunities for diverse candidates across all areas of the legal market, whether in a law firm or corporate legal department. While we do not advertise our law firm placements, we have been retained by top law firms specifically for our expertise in the area of diversity recruiting. On the in-house side, some of our diverse candidates placed include:

  • Damien Atkins, the African-American GC of Panasonic Corporation of North America
  • Chad Walker, the African-American GC of Morton Salt (producer of salt products)
  • Ramona Romero, the Hispanic female GC of Princeton University
  • Leslie Thornton, the African-American female GC of WGL Holdings, Inc. (a publicly traded Fortune 1000 utility)
  • Justin Choi, the Asian-American GC of Anixter International (a publicly traded Fortune 500 electronic component distributor)
  • Linda Lu, the Asian-American Chief Litigation Officer of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (one of the largest insurers in the country)
  • Earl Barnes, the African-American GC of OhioHealth (Ohio's largest health system)
  • Charles Robinson, the African-American Chief Legal Officer of the entire University of California system and legal advisor to the Board of Regents
Diversity Done Well Diversity Done Well July 16, 2018

We are pleased to highlight the diversity efforts of some of our exemplary clients within this special report.

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Diversity and Inclusion Answering the Call for Diversity in the Legal Profession December 9, 2016

The adage that law is an old boys club hasn't gone away. In more recent years though, the industry has begun to acknowledge this pervasive gap with discussions about ways to bring more diversity into firms and in-house teams.

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Sonya Som How to Leverage Key Strategies to Fuel Your Path to In-House Leadership August 18, 2016

Those who have ascended to the top of the in-house profession are not "lucky," but have made their own luck through self-awareness and clear objective-setting. Set yourself up to succeed by investing in yourself and taking smart risks.

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Diversity and Inclusion - Paul Williams Diversity and Inclusion August 1, 2016

Our consultants believe in fostering an inclusive environment for all, where everyone recognizes the value in our differences.

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Diversifying the Boardroom Diversifying the Boardroom July 18, 2016

Different boards are in different places in their diversity evolution, but are all making strides in a positive direction.

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Diversity in the Board Room The Governance Responsibility to Increase Board Diversity July 8, 2016

Attention to cultural diversity in the U.S. has probably never been higher. But undeniably, there is much more to be accomplished.

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The Wizard Behind the Curtain Diversifying Law Firms Requires a Mindset Change October 12, 2015 For the diversity challenge to really be addressed innovatively, many lawyers need to put aside some of the very traits that have made them successful Read More
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Global Navigators of Legal Careers A Seat at the Table: Providing Equal Opportunity to Encourage Longer Tenures for Diverse Lawyers February 12, 2014

Ru Bhatt explains how associate diversity has become highly valued among law firms.

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